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I’m hearing Pacman’s fight in the tv…. and friends in fb says he already won

thanks for spoiling the fight. I don’t understand why everyone’s so angry, but yaaah. probably cause he won again. =_= what controversy? 

on post grad course

It kind of sucks when you see your friends from highschool and college already working. They’re probably rich by now. I know someone already established a family… 

Not to mention, my social life miss out a lot. A dear friend of mine from high school asked me to go have dinner with some friends, at the shakey’s in the next town, and I was sad I couldn’t go since i was in the northern part of the metro, and couldn’t come home so easily. All I do now is just study, study, study. I don’t really mind the studying, but sometimes I tend to envy them, being able to go out, have fun without worrying for their grade. All they worry about now is work, their relationships, their families and stuff. 

It makes me wonder, what if I’m working now? What if I’m an employee at some company, earning my own money and stuff? Maybe I would be joining my dad during his marathons, I’d be addicted to marathons just like my dad and sister. I’d probably be travelling all over the country or outside using my own money just for the hell of it. 

11/11/11 Everyone else: Wow it's so cool that this only happens once every 100 years!

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